Třeboň Fishpond Heritage

The Třeboň Basin is a world-famous fishpond area in Southern Bohemia. The area's marvelous nature and landscape environment, formed by a sophisticated system of man-made waterworks, is enhanced by its many outstanding architectural monuments. The prosperity of the town of Třeboň, the area's economic hub, began after in 1366 with its acquisition by the Rožmberk family who systematically developed fish farming and breeding. The overall character of the Třeboň landscape along the Lužnice River between the towns of Třeboň and Veselí nad Lužnicí bears witness to the systematic activities of the fishpond engineers Štěpánek Netolický and Jakub Krčín. The backbone of the entire pond system is the Golden Canal which draws the water from the Lužnice River to the adjacent ponds and the New River, an artificial canal joining the rivers Lužnice and the Nežárka and to the ponds Svět and Rožmberk. The Rožmberk Fishpond is the largest pond in the Czech republic.